You don't draw with your hand, let's understand it once and for all, you draw with your head, and, let's face it, Bleda has one of the best furnished heads in this world.

Carlos Pacheco

Sergio Bleda's powerful women are like a balm for our fantasies. Divine voluptosity and muuucha belladonna... the pleasure of flying naked!

Victoria Francés

Kindness and evil. A pairing not easy to carry to good port. Sergio Bleda gets it.

Rubén Pellejero

If you see the ass you want to spank, I'm sure Sergio Bleda has drawn it.

Jordi Bayarri

A shocking sense of freedom. I wish reality imitated Sergio's art.

Alberto López Aroca

Un auténtico dibujante de tebeos, de esos que enorgullecen a nuestro noveno arte.

Álvaro Pons

Sergio Bleda sabe hacer buenos cómics, eso va a misa. Y los demás ya podemos decirla.

Hernán Migolla
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