Sergio Bleda Villada (born 1974) is a Spanish cartoonist, best known for his horror comics, such as The Vampire Dance, although he has also cultivated other genres and worked in illustration, especially erotic, advertising and film production design. His works have been published in several countries in Europe and the United States.

Career path

Fundamentally self-taught, Sergio Bleda left the Institute in second BUP to devote himself fully to the medium. He then began his career publishing a press strip entitled Los saurios in the local weekly Chronicle between 1991 and 1995, as well as various comics in fanzines.

In the mid-1990s, he moved to Barcelona and began collaborating in the erotic magazine Kiss Comix, to which he would contribute series such as The Bride and the Thief (1994), Melrose Pleasure (1996) and Hot Rockets (1988) (the last two scripted by Rakel), as well as publishing the graphic novel The Son of Kim (1994-95) and various Marvel superhero pin-ups for Planet DeAgostini. His leap to popularity would, however, come to him with the limited series El Baile del Vampiro, published in 1997 by Planeta within its Labyrinth line and which would be worth a nomination for the Revelation Author Award at the Barcelona Comic Show in 1998, which was reissued in 2008 by Aleta.

Established since 1999 in Valencia, it publishes the one-shot Inés 1994 for Planeta and continues to produce erotic comics for the magazines of MegaMultimedia, Sulaco Ediciones and Dolmen, while making the storyboards of the films Son de mar de Bigas Luna (2001) and We are nobody to Jordi Mollo (2002). 

He also serves as Commissioner in the collective exhibition "Tebeospain" organized by the Valencian Library and the Association of Comic Authors of Spain,4 organization of which he was founding partner in 2002 and President from January 2006 to March 2007.

In 2008 he edited Dolls Killer in Spain, an integral volume edited by Dolmen that collects the series co-created for the French publishing house Soleil with the screenwriter Nicolás Pona and 20 years among brushes: The Art of Sergio Bleda, a retrospective book edited by Dibbuks that captures the best of his 20 years of professional career. 

He has now just published a new installment of the Vampire Dance: REDES and The First Time, thanks to his followers for crowdfunding. Also in 2020 he published a suggestive book of his erotic art, #Fetish Brush, compiling more than 100 of his most picantona illustrations.

The foreign market

Since 2003, she has directed her efforts to the foreign market, in the face of the impossibility of living in the indigenous industry, and produces for the first time her first albums conceived as such: Sleep Girl that same year, Bloody Winter in 2004 and the La Conjura trilogy every Wednesday between 2005 and 2007, all broadcast through the European agency SAF. The Vampire Dance and The Conjure every Wednesday were published in the United States by American publisher Dark Horse. 

In 2008, he started directly for the French publisher Soleil the Dolls Killer trilogy, with scripts by Nicolas Pona5 and which would eventually consist of two albums. 

It also illustrates Luis Cauqui's children's book 33 grandmothers. In 2018 he illustrated Il faudra me passer sur le corps, a very suggestive, sensual and funny comic book with screenwriter Katia Even for Tabou. At the moment only in French but we hope that not in the very distant future it will be translated into Spanish.

Self-managed publishing

In 2019 he creates his own self-managed publishing house to bring his own projects to the market.

With this label he publishes in 2020 a new installment of El Baile del Vampiro (REDES and La primera Vez), financed by crowdfunding. In the same year, and with the same crowdfunding system, he also publishes a suggestive book of erotic art, #Fetish Brush, which collects more than 100 of her most racy illustrations. 

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